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It may seem strange to find this widget in among the touch widgets.
It provides a fully featured alternative to the Touch Galllery for use on the full version of the website.
The thumbnail images can be of varied aspect ration and can have a caption which extends to more than one line using the HTML line break <br>
There are four hover effects - color opacity, black and white to color, aspect expand and box shadow - as well as the option for no effect.
As can be seen from the demo, both the thumbnails and the full size images can have different aspect ratios.
The thumbs should be cropped to approximately the size they will appear at on the web page before import into EverWeb.
The full size images can be any size - within reason!

Lightbox FX Gallery
Color Opacity Effect
On Hover
Lightbox FX Gallery
Black & White
Lightbox FX Gallery
Aspect Transition
Lightbox FX Gallery
Box Shadow
Lightbox Hover Effects Gallery Widget
Lightbox Hover Effects Gallery Widget

Thumbnail Styles

The first example above has a two line caption, color opacity effect and a box shadow.
Next is a black and white to color transition with a radiused border.
The third example has a contrasting background with some added padding and the thumbnail image expands on hover.
The last one has an image box shadow on hover, some padding and an all around box shadow.

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