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Touch Image Popup Widget

Touch Image Popup Window

Popup Window
Hover The Image & Click For More Info

Popup iFrame Content

The image is a link to open a popup window. The modal window is an iframe which can have any content such as a page of the site, an image, PDF dragged into the Assets List or an external page or file.
The image has an optional caption whose background color and opacity can be styled. When used on the full version of the website the image can be given an overlay with adjustable opacty to give a tint effect for extra excitement!

Touch Image Popup Widget

Widget Settings

Choose the image, adjust its size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector and enter the alt text.
Set the hover overlay color, its opacity and transition time in milliseconds.
Set the box shadow color and radius and the corner radius if required.
Check the box if a caption is required, enter the caption and set the font family, size, color, background color and its opacity.
Set the popup window's width and height. The width should be 20px wider than the content page to avoid a horizontal scrollbar.
Set the popup border width and color if required.
Choose the content page which is to appear in the popup or check the box and enter a URL to link to an external page or file.
Link to an image or PDF in the Assets List by control (right) clicking it and copying the relative file path. Paste this into the URL box.

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