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Touch Swiper

Touch Swiper Slider

Touch Swiper Slideshow

Custom Captions & Borders

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Swipe Left Or Right

Vertical Slider

Vertical Swipe Option

Touch Slideshow Widget

The Slideshow

This slider will swipe horizontally or vertically on both mobile devives and computers.
On computers - grab and flick in either direction.
Setting the slide direction to vertical on the smart phone version of site makes it easy to thumb swipe.
The captions are beneath the images rather being overlayed.
They can be styled and aligned and the slider can have a border, box shadow or both.

Widget Settings

Choose the images, highlight each image file name in turn and add a caption, and alt text for SEO.
Set the caption font family, size, color background color, text align and line height.
Choose the slide direction - horizontal or vertical.
Set the border width and color if required.
Set the box shadow color and radius.
NOTE: Increasing the widget height will increase the caption area and increasing the caption line height will move it downwards.

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