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Touch Image Widgets

EverWeb widgets for displaying media on Touch devices. Refer to the TRISTE REDIRECT page for info about site setup and redirects

Click the button to visit the TRISITE DEMO website to find out how to quickly create three versions of a website for computers, tablets and smart phones.

Click any widget icon to see the demo page with instructions.

A touch slider using a finger swipe action which has pager dots for control on the full site.

A swipe slider with the option of moving left and right or up and down.

Touch Swiper Widget
Touch Slideshow Widget
Touch Gallery Widget

A thumbnail iamge Gallery with lightbox style slideshow .

Touch Image Modal Widget

Open a large image in a lightbox from a thumbnail on touch devices

Touch Image Zoom Widget

Zoom in on an image to see more detail using touch and drag.

Touch Module Widget

A container for displaying products etc with a heading, centered image, text and a button hyperlink.

Touch Swipe Image Carousel Widget

An image carousel with swipe control either horizontally or vertically.

Touch iFrame Modal Widget

Open any kind of content in a popup window via an iFrame. Can be used for images, content pages, video etc.

Touch Image Map Link Widget

Used to create image maps or links to open in the target modes - self, blank and top.

Touch Info Slider Widget

A slideshow with image alt text, title and description which can extend to two or more lines.

Touch Image Modal Widget

A version of the Touch Module with zoom image opened by clicking the thumbnail.

Touch Before After Widget

A widget for creating an image with "before" and "after" versions using a sliding panel.

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Touch Image Crosfade

Image crossfade on click or hover with optional styles and centered caption at the top or bottom.

Touch Overlay Message

This widget creates a ful width fixed height image for the full version of the site which has an optional centered caption and can be fixed at the top or bottom. The caption background can be adjusted for color and opacity.

Touch Slideshow Widget

Lightbox Gallery with hover thumbnail effects for use on the full site to replace the Touch Gallery.

Touch Image Popup Widget

An image link which opens a popup window. The image has an optional caption and tint overlay when used on the full site. The popup can have an internal page, a file or an external page or file.

Touch Image Text Overlay Widget

An image width a touch button which opens/closes a text overlay. The overlay can be styled with a transparent background if required and has options for a styled HTML heading and text.

redirect Code Widget

A widget to insert the redirect code on all pages of a site containing versions for computer, tablet and smart phone.


The widgets on this site are not compatible with HTTPS Secure websites.
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