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Click the thumbnail image to open the full size image.
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Widget Settings

This widget has all the functions of the Touch Module widget with the addition of a zoom function for the thumbnail.
When the image is clicked, the full size version opens in a lightbox window. In this case, the lightbox overlay opacity has been set to zero so that the page content is still visible.
Clicking or tapping anywhere outside of the zoomed image will close it.

The widget settings are exactly the same as shown on the previous page with the addition of the ones shown above right.
These are for choosing the full size image, setting its width and distance from the top of the browser window, setting the overlay color and opacity and the speed of the animation.
The width is set in pixels so that a different value can be use on the various versions of the site for computer, tablet and smart phone.
To make the tablet and smart phone versions more efficient, it's a good idea to use smaller images for them. For example, the image on this page is 800px wide but could be reduced to 600px for tablets and 300px for smart phones.
The full size image has been set to appear at 20% from the top of the browser window.

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