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Touch Sticky Go Top Button

Touch Sticky Go Top Widget
Touch Sticky Go Top Button

Smooth Scroll To the Top

The back to the top arrow uses smooth scrolling and fade in/out animation.
The arrow only appears once the visitor starts to scroll a certain distance which can be adjust to suit the circumstances.
The arrow sticks to the bottom of the page and can be positioned left or right. The horizontal distance from the left or right edge and the distance up from the bottom is also adjustable.
There is also an option for positioning the button in the center.
The time that the content takes to smooth scroll to the top is adjustable so that it can be varied for different page content heights.
See the next page for a button with message on hover for use on the full version of the site.

Widget Settings

Set the arrow color.
Choose the required background color and set its opacity.
Choose the position of the button in the browser window - left or right.
Set the horizontal distance of the button from the browser edge.
Set the vertical distance from the browser bottom.
For a centered button, check the box, set the position comtrol to "right", ignore the Horizontal setting and set the Vertical distance from the browser bottom.
Set the scroll amount. This is the distance the vistor will scroll before the button appears.
Set the button fade animation time.
Set the button scroll time. This time will vary depending on the page content height.

This widget is included in the Touch Navigation widget pack.

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