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Touch Icon Internal Navigation Widget

Touch Icon Navigation

Icon Grid Internal Hyperlinks

Choose the appropriate percentage width and set the minimum height if required.
Minimum height is used to force the height to accommodate the text when it is returned to two or more lines using the HTML line break <br>
Set the background color, font family, size and color and the icon size.
Set the tab separator width and color and the navigation border width and color if required.
Enter the link text, icon name, choose its color and select the "Link to:" page for the first three items.
Add more items as required and check the box to display them.
Use the last item if an external link is required by checking the box and entering the URL.

Icon Grid Internal Hyperlinks

This type of menu is popular on mobile websites with its large, easily tapped tabs. It would normally only exist on the home page. The other pages would have a navigation icon link to return vistors to this page. Click the navigation button above left to see the widget.
The tabs can be arranged in a single row - horizontally or vertically - or in rows and columns. This is achieved by altering the percentage widths of the individual tabs and adjusting the overall size of the widget.
The menu can have up to ten links. If more are required, add another widget and use the Arrange menu to group them.
The last link can be configured as an external link to a blog of other website.
The navigation uses the Font Awesome icons and each one can have a different color if required.
Go to the ICON page to get the icon names for entering into the widget settings.

Touch Icon Internal Navigation Widget
Touch Icon Navigation Internal Links Widget

This widget is included in the Touch Navigation widget pack.

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