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Touch Slide In Button

Touch Slide In Navigation Button Widget
Touch Slide In External Navigation Widget

Slide In Navigation Button

This button is used to operate the touch slide in navigation widgets - internal or external links.
It uses the Font Awesome icons which can be seen by clicking the appropriate button below.
Enter the icon name and set its size, color and background color.
Set the border width color and corner radius.
Use the drag handles or the Metrics inspector to adjust the button size and adjust the relative position of the icon using the value for top.
Choose the slide in direction which must be the same as that set for the navigation.

Building Up Bigger Menus

The menu example on this page shows how several navigation menus can be combined to create larger ones.
The first nine blocks are contained in the slide in menu with internal links and the remaining six use the one for external links.
The position of the second menu is set so that it appears immediately below the first and gives the illusion of a single menu since they both have the same animation speed.
Separate widgets can be used for directories and perhaps another for external links to social media pages and a blog or other related site(s).
It is important to note that only one set of menus can be controlled by one button. It is not possible to have two different menus on the same page controlled by two buttons.

This widget is included in the Touch Navigation widget pack.

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