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Touch Navigation Widgets

EverWeb widgets to create different types of navigation on touch devices like tablets and smart phones.  Refer to the TRISTE REDIRECT page for info about site setup and redirects

NOTE: Click any widget icon to get to the demo page with instructions.

Click the button to visit the TRISITE DEMO website to find out how to quickly create three versions of a website for computers, tablets and smart phones.

A styled button to create links to anchors on touch devices.

The anchor point widget for the Touch Anchor Link.

Touch Anchor Link Widget
Touch Anchor Widget
Touch Sticky Go Top Widget

A sticky, smooth scrolling go to the top arrow with transparent backgrond option.

Touch Share Tab Widget

Create social media share tabs with icon and open in new window option for full site use.

Touch Share Tab Widget
Touch Share Tab Widget

A touch drop navigation which can be used to create a two level mobile navigation. The companion link widget creates a tab for top level items and can also link to external pages.

Touch Icon Navigation Internal Links Widget

An icon navigation for mobiles devices with the last tab having the option to open an external page.

Touch Icon Navigation External Links Widget

An icon navigation for external links to other websites, blog or social media pages.

Touch Color Block Grid Navigation Widget

A grid navigation using different colored blocks for the hyperlinks.

Touch Share Tab Widget

A Home or Navigation button for use with the grid navigation widgets on smart phone websites.

Touch Image Navigation Widget

A grid navigation using captioned images for the hyperlinks.

Touch Slide In Navigation Widget

A touch slide in navigation widget with a separate button which can be placed anywhere. Slide in from the left or right, internal and external versions & two or more can be controlled by one button.

Touch Slide In Navigation Button Widget
Touch Slide In External Navigation Widget

The button for the touch slide in navigation widgets.

Touch Hover Go Top Widget

This version of the Go Top button is for use on the full version of the site and expands to reveal the Go To Top message on hover. The widget controls are the same with the exception of the hover colors, a field for changing the message and button width.

Touch Hover Info Overlay Widget

A grid navigation using captioned images for the hyperlinks.

Touch Click Info Link Widget

The button for the touch slide in navigation widgets.

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For more navigation widgets click the buttons below...

Touch Spinner Download Linky Widget

Promote EverWeb with this download spinner. It can also be used for a link to any page or file with the option to open in a new window.

redirect Code Widget

A widget to insert the redirect code on all pages of a site containing versions for computer, tablet and smart phone.

Touch Scroll Fix Widget
Touch Scroll Fix Widget

A touch scroll to fix image link which will scroll to the top and then fix. The widget can be configured as an internal or external link or a smooth scrolling link to a point on the page using the anchor widget.


The widgets on this site are not compatible with HTTPS Secure websites.
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