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In many ways, an easily tapped email button is preferable to a contact form on mobile devices.
This widget creates a button which launches the visitor's email application.
The email address and subject line are preloaded for convenience.
The button has an option for adding hover styles when it is used on the full version of the site.

Widget Settings

Enter the button text, adjust the width using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector and the height using the value for Padding.
Text can run to two or more lines by using the HTML for a line break <br>
Set the font family, size and color.
Set the background color or check the box, choose the colors for a gradient and set the angle.
Set the border width, color and corner radius if required.
Set the box shadow color and radius if required.
Enter the email address and the subject.
If hover colors are required when the button is used on the full version of the site, check the box and set the hover color and background colors.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

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