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Touch Heading Widget

Touch Device HTML Heading

Styled Heading

This widget will produce a straight forward HTML h1, h2, h3 or h4 heading but also adds quite a few styling options which use pure CSS rather shape images.

The first example below shows a basic h1 heading using a web safe font and no background.

Next is an h2 heading wiith background color and a radiused colored border.

The h3 heading uses a Google hosted font with a web safe fallback and a box shadow around the heading background.

The h4 heading demonstrates the use of text shadow, letter spacing and line height where the heading runs to two or more lines using HTML5 line breaks like this <br>

In this case, the text shadow is set by entering vales for X & Y and setting a shadow color.
For a fuzzy, all around shadow, leave the values for X & Y at zero and add a shadow radius using the slider.

Basic H1 Heading

h2 Heading | Background Color & Border

h3 Heading | Google Font | Box Shadow

h4 Heading | Text Shadow
Letter Spacing | Line Height

Touch Styled Heading Widget

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