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Image Description

Website images need descriptive keywords inserted via the image file name, alt text and a caption.
This widget inserts a JPEG, GIF or PNG in an HTML5 figure element along with a figcaption.
Inserting an image with a caption/description in a text box is rather ineffective since the search engine spiders have no way of relating this text to the image.
The caption can be styled for font, size, text align, color and background color.

Touch Image Insert Widget
Touch Image Insert Widget
This image is a hyperlink

Styles & Links

The image can have a border and/or a box shadow with rounded corners if required.
Increasing the value for padding will separarte the image from this border.
Image links are used a lot more on designs for touch devices since they provide a large target for tapping.
The image can be configured as a hyperlink by checking the box and selecting the "Link to:" page.
The link can be to an external page by checking the box and entering the URL.
When the image is used on the full site, the hyperlink can be set to open in a new window if required.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

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