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Touch Link Widget

Finger Style Links

As every experienced web designer knows, text hyperlinks are completely useless on touch devices. They don't provid a large enough target for fat fingertips and cause frustration and contempt amongst the site visitors.
CTA (Call To Action) buttons have proved to be far more effective than text hyperlinks in enticing visitors to click and should also be used on the full version of the site where possible.
Apple recommends that user inputs such as links and navigation blocks should be at least 42px square for finger tips and 72px x 42 px for thumbs.
This apples to slideshows, galleries and audio and video players too.
The Touch Hyperlink Tab creates a CTA button with a number of styling options and can link to an internal or external page.
NOTE that the button does not have an option to open a hyperlink in a new window as this would be kind of pointless for use on touch devices!

Hyperlink Tab Styles

Text can be returned using the HTML5 line break <br>
The widget width is adjusted using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector and the height using the value for Padding.
The font can be Google hosted if required with a web safe fallback although Google fonts should be avoided if possible on a website that will be downloaded over wireless phone networks.
If the text is aligned left or right, horizontal padding can be added to distance the text from the button edge.
Use the line height for adjusting the spacing when there are two or more lines.
The background color can be a gradient by checking the box and selecting the colors. There is a control for adjusting the gradient angle.
The tab can have a border, rounded corners and a box shadow if required.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

Touch Link Widget

Full Site Options

The widget has some options for use on the full version of the website.
Check the box, set the hover font and background colors and check the box to open the link in a new window.
It should be obvious that these settings are useless on the versions of the site for touch devices.
Smart phones and tablets don't do hovers and can't opening a link in a ne window is kind of pointless!

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