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Touch Styled Rectangle Widget

Touch Rectangle

Touch Rectangle Shape Widget

Rectangle Shape | Inset Border & Box Shadow Options

This widget creates a rectangle shape with some options for touch device and full width use.
The background can be a single color or a gradient with adjustable angle.
Background shapes are quite often full width on touch devices so a regular border or box shadow cannot be used.
The border on this shape is inset by default and the box shadow can be either inset or outset depending on whether it is full width or not.
When used on the full site version of the website, the shape can be made to cover the full browser width.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

Widget Settings

Adjust the widget to the required width and height using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
For full width on the full version of the website, check the box and then check the "Full Width" box in the metrics inspector.
Set the background color or check the box to set the gradient colors.
Adjust the value for gradient angle as required.
If an inset border is required, set its width and color.
Set the box shadow color and radius and check the box if the shadow is to be inset.

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