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Site Search

This is a compact, inline version of the Site Search widget which will fit into the header or footer and has a larger "Search" button for finger stabbing.
The widget uses the Google search engine and obviously the site has to be entered into and indexed by Google for it to work effectively.
If you need a dedicated site search function there are a number of free services. Most of these contain ads which are undesirable.
Findberry displays a small logo in the free version and has reasonably priced paid options.
Freefind also has a free version and reasonably priced paid ones.

Widget Settings

Enter the domain name and suffix as shown in the screenshot to the right.
Set the overall styles for background color, corner radius and box shadow color and radius if required.
Enter the button text.
Set the font family, size, background color and font color.
The button border width and radius can be adjusted.
The button border color also sets the border color for the text input box.
The widget width can be adjusted using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector.
The text entry box and the button have percentage widths so that they will adjust proportionally.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

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