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Touch Table Widget


Column [1]Column [2]Column [3]Column [4]Column [5]Column [6]
Row [7]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [8]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [9]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [10]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [11]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [12]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Column [1]Column [2]Column [3]Column [4]Column [5]Column [6]
Row [1]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [2]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [3]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [4]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [5]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Row [6]Cell [2]Cell [3]Cell [4]Cell [5]Cell [6]
Touch Table Widget

Widget Settings

The widget can create a table of two to six columns and three to six rows.
It has an optional head section which can be styled for background color and font color.
Alternate rows can have contrasting background colors (zebra striping). There is a control for selecting the background to odd or even rows.
If more than six rows are required add another widget as shown above.
The styling controls are shown to the right and are for setting the font family, size , color and table background color.
There are four more color selectors for setting the table header font color and background color and the zebra stripe font color and background color along with the option to apply the contrasting color to the odd or even rows.
The top/bottom and left/right padding is adjustable as is the border width and color.

This widget is included in the Touch widget pack.

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