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The EverWeb web design software has come a long way since its introduction and, at the time of writing, is at V1.8. If you haven't yet tried the app, click the icon above right to check out the developer's website and download a trial copy.
It has proved a worthy successor to Apple's now defunct iWeb and has features that iWeb users could only dream about.
This is the fourth section of the EverWeb Codebox website and the third one devoted to widgets.
With the number of EverWeb widgets exceeding 300, the previous sections were overflowing and more space was needed.

EverWeb Widgets
EverWeb Web Design Software


Thousands of EverWeb users have download widgets from the EverWeb Widgetbox and have come to appreciate how easy it is to create complex website features with little or no knowledge of code.
Many of the widgets have been created from suggestions submitted by EverWeb users and most of them are suitable for absolute beginners to use.
The instruction pages on this website have proved more than enough for most users to complete their projects easily. Of those who ask for help, most just didn't read the instructions!
The alternative navigation widgets have proved very popular and there are some in this section for more advanced users who have a little knowledge of HTML or have the patience to try something new.

New Horizons

One of the most frequent requests in the EverWeb User Forum has been for website forms with more features and styling options. The Forms section of this site is aimed at fulfilling this need.

An essential for any business with a physical address is a location map to help potential customers find it. The Map section has some widgets to include markers, key and custom info box.

Many users seem to be interested in creating Parallax style designs while perhaps not being aware of the complications involved and the need for a lot of custom code. The Scroll FX section has some widgets for creating a simple parallax style background with objects that animate in or out on scroll.

Help & Support

Given that the price of individual widgets is less than $1, it is unrealistic for users to expect support when things go wrong.
Before even thinking about asking for help, please make an attempt to read and understand the instructions.
If problems seem insoluble, create a test page with only the widget on it to make trouble shooting easier.
The main problems that users have with widgets stem from...
[1] Not reading the instructions on the demo pages.
[2] Inappropriate use of the widget.
[3] Adding their own code into the EverWeb code boxes which breaks the widget code.